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BullFrog AI seeks to leverage its revolutionary bfLEAP platform to transform the field of precision medicine. Our mission is to apply predictive analytics to all stages of drug development to improve the lives of every patient.

BullFrog AI consists of an exceptional team of life science industry leaders, AI technologists, scientists, physicians and advisors determined to revolutionize drug development. And through our partnership with one of the most prestigious research institutions in the world, Johns Hopkins, we are at the forefront of AI technology development.


Vin Singh

Founder and CEO

Dane Saglio


Bill Hirschman

Chief Commercial Officer

JT Koffenberger

Chief Information Officer

Dr. Thomas Hazel

VP Drug Development

Dr. Kristin Bigos

Director of Clinical Development

Dr. David Recker


Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Cetin Savkli

Chair Advisory Board

Dr. Gregory Riggins

Scientific Advisor

Eric Roos

Strategic Advisor

Bryan Poltilove

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Sanjay Vashee

Scientific Advisor

Top 50 AI Award

Using a multivariate analytical approach, we seek to profile the right patient for the right drug at the right dose.

We can also apply our technology in the discovery and pre-clinical stages of drug development, to improve our partners’ likelihood of success in development and clinical trials.

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Message from the Experts

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    Let us help you determine the right patient for the right drug at the right dose.”
    Vin Singh
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    AI can be used to identify predictors of drug response that may not be hypothesized by scientists and clinicians.”

    Dr. Kristin Bigos
    Scientific Advisor / Dir. Clinical Development
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    I envision that AI, in combination with other cutting edge technologies like engineering biology, will accelerate the development of precision cancer treatments.”

    Dr. Sanjay Vashee
    Scientific Advisor

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