Leap Into The Future of Drug Discovery

We use AI to discover drug targets that drive disease

Leap Into The Future of Drug Development

The Next Generation of AI Has Landed

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Discovery With BullFrog AI  

BullFrog AI is a technology-enabled drug discovery company using AI to aid in advancing the next generation of lifesaving medicine.

We are at the intersection of computational biology and Artificial Intelligence.  We use combinations of state-of-the-art causal AI/ML  to identify new drug targets that drive disease.

Optimize Your Odds of Success With Our Ensemble of AI Techniques and Models  

The BullFrog AI discovery process employs advanced causal AI and graph-based analytics to model complex biological systems.

These techniques allow for rapid, cost-effective functional evaluations and predictions of genetic influences on cellular behavior, advancing our understanding and approach to complex diseases. 

Graphic highlighting all of the technologies BullFrog uses when analyzing data.

8.5 Years

Average time to market

$204 Billion

Total annual R&D spending by 2024, 3% CAGR

$0.8 to $2.8 billion  

The cost of bringing a drug to market

Almost 90%

of drugs that don’t get there

Drug Research & Development Is Historically Risky and Expensive. BullFrog AI Aims to Change That.  

Our mission is to accelerate Research & Development, lower costs and improve the success rate of developing new therapeutics by using the BullFrog suite of AI models to provide better drug targets.

Proven AI and Drug Discovery Expertise to Drive Your Program Forward

Our high-performing team of AI, computational biology and drug discovery and development scientists are thought leaders who are determined to revolutionize the industry using advanced AI methods for improving drug target selection.  Our goal is to disrupt the future of drug development by improving speed and accuracy in all phases of the process.