Leap Into The Future of Drug Development

The Next Generation of AI Has Landed

Harness the Power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Drug Development With BullFrog AI  

BullFrog AI is a technology enabled drug development company.

We create and analyze networks of biological, clinical, and real world data spanning from early discovery to late-stage clinical trials.

BullFrog AI’s proprietary bfLEAP™ platform leverages the power of AI and machine learning to digest and analyze large sets of disparate data to reveal insights that may lead to identifying new potential therapeutic targets, indication expansion opportunities for existing products, and drug rescuing or repurposing

Optimize Your Odds of Success With Our Award-Winning bfLEAP™ Platform  

Jump-start your drug development program with bfLEAP™, our explainable AI platform engineered for the future. Developed at the prestigious Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, our exclusive platform constructs network models in interactive graphML format to display and explain insights embedded within your data.  

Leverage the power of an anomaly detection algorithm that outperformed the top 10 platforms.

8.5 Years

Average time to market

$204 Billion

Total annual R&D spending by 2024, 3% CAGR

$0.8 to $2.8 billion  

The cost of bringing a drug to market

Almost 90%

of drugs that don’t get there

Drug Development Is Historically Risky. BullFrog AI Aims to Change That.  

The drug development process is inefficient; a new product typically consumes close to a decade of time and effort and is extremely costly, all while patients desperately wait for treatments that often fail in development.  

Proven AI and Drug Development Expertise to Drive Your Program Forward

Our high-performing team of AI and drug development experts are industry leaders who are determined to revolutionize the industry using next-generation analytics. Our goal is to disrupt the future of drug development by improving speed and accuracy in all phases of the process.